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You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a ticket to Portugal and that's kind of the same thing



    Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city, Lisbon, has everything a traveller could want — and more. Lisbon has the food, culture, nightlife, and sights at a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the crowds

    Tourist in Lisbon, Portugal

  2. PORTO

    From the medieval heritage to the award-winning contemporary architecture, from the historic centre to the prime areas of the city, get to know the city of Porto. This is one of Europe's oldest tourist destinations. Its wealth of artistic heritage, Port Wine, open-air leisure spaces and cultural life are just some of the reasons you want to visit this city.

    Porto, Portugal


    Travel and photography were meant to be together, and Portugal is the perfect place for it. No one has ever told you but Portugal is that country that will make you take the best photos for your Instagram. Don't miss the amazing places Portugal has to offer. Your Instagram will stand out!

    Sintra Castle, Portugal


    Portugal has over 100 beaches and, no, not all of them are located in the Algarve. All along the country’s west coast, you’ll find some of Portugal’s most beautiful beaches like Comporta and Figueirinha.

    Algarve beach, Portugal


    If you’re looking to awaken your taste buds with rich and healthy comfort food, Portuguese dishes will definitely do the trick. The cuisine from this region is hearty, filling, and made with some of the freshest ingredients from free-range animals and locally grown produce. The top Portuguese dishes every foodie needs to try at least once are Cataplana de Marisco, Francesinha Sandwich, Pastéis de Bacalhau (Cod Fish), Caldo Verde, Sardines, Pastel de Nata, Bifanas, Chicken Piri-Piri, Polvo à la Lagareiro (Octopus Dish), Porco Preto (Portuguese Cured Ham), and much more. 

    Portuguese Dishes


    The brightly coloured Barcelos cockerel (Galo de Barcelos) is an unofficial national symbol of Portugal. You can find Barcelos roosters depicted in ceramic and wood or printed on t-shirts, postcards, dish towels and aprons all around Portugal.

    But be careful, many are mass produced and are not locally made. When in doubt, shop at, all our Roosters are made and hand painted in Portugal. By the time you are back from your trip, you can order as many original Barcelos Rooster as you need for your home or your loved ones.

    Rooster of Barcelos

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