Sweetbread Baking Mould (Massa Sovada)

Sweetbread Baking Mould (Massa Sovada)


Massa Sovada Baking Mould

  • Aluminum
  • Made in Portugal
  • 2 sizes available

Massa sovada, or Portuguese Sweet Bread, is a celebratory treat. It is a light and airy bread with a subtle sweet taste that makes for a delightful morning toast topped with butter or jam - or prepared all on its own - with a cup of tea or coffee. In Portugal and its islands, it's also served alongside savory dishes, especially as an accompaniment to fish and seafood.

Massa sovada originated in the Azores islands, but can also be found in Portugal, where it is more popularly called pão doce, meaning sweet bread. Traditionally, massa sovada is baked in Portugal for religious holidays such as Easter and Christmas but is commonly made for other celebrations as well.