Leira Small Ceramic Portuguese Rooster Figurine
Leira Ceramic Portuguese Rooster Figurine

Leiria Rooster - The Lucky Rooster of Protection


Leiria - Portuguese Ceramic Rooster Figurine

Leiria is a city in the center of Portugal, about halfway between Lisbon and Porto, more known for its gallant hilltop Castle of Leiria, towering over the rest of the city.

The Leiria Lucky Rooster represents protection. But not the kind of protection that comes from fighting or exerting extreme power over others. It comes from a place of peace, compassion and gently influencing the situation for a positive outcome.

At its core, The Leiria good-luck rooster represents inner strength and the power of the human spirit to overcome any situation and thrive despite the odds.

Today, when people try to acquire not things, but experience and emotions, the Portuguese Lucky Roosters with their symbolic meaning are a perfect gift idea.