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Lucky Story

A murder has been committed. Who was the criminal? Some stated that on the day of the crime, a Spaniard who was passing through the Portuguese town Barcelos on a pilgrimage had been in the neighbourhood and various circumstances pointed to his guilt.
The Spaniard declared his innocence but could present no proof. Arrested, he was then condemned to hang. The poor man continued to plead his innocence to no avail. As a last favour he asked to be brought before the judge again. The judge was dining with some friends and before them, all the man again declared his innocence. "There is nothing I can do," replied the judge. The Spaniard, seeing himself abandoned by man, turned to the saints of his faith. Inspired, he cried: "I am so innocent that before I die this rooster here will crow!"
Everyone laughed, as the bird was dead and roasted. The feast continued, but for some reason, the Rooster was not touched. Evening fell and the words of the man still rang in their ears. Suddenly, to the astonishment of all, the roasted rooster stood up and crowed!
The judge and his guests ran to the site of the hanging just in time to save the condemned man. The pilgrim was free - Portuguese homes had a mascot: the gaily painted ceramic "Rooster of good luck and happiness".